Sometimes a girl needs a well made cocktail. Enter Winston. Winston is a gorgeous restaurant plucked straight from Manhattan and placed on E Main in Mt. Kisco. Boasting a rooftop bar and a classically trained chef with lots of love for his dog, Winston is a great find outside of the city. The restaurant has tasteful homages to the chef’s dog, Winston, on exposed brick and two dining levels and a rooftop bar.

Don’t worry, fellow north easterners, the rooftop is enclosed to accommodate your winter cravings, and opens up and has live music in the summer. Behind the bar is an amazingly talented staff, with seasonal signature cocktails. On my most recent visit, I was enthralled to find a whiskey drink with muddled berries. The quickest way to my little heart. There’s a great selection of wine and a fair choice of beers for my friends who aren’t into cocktails. The food is good, though being in Westchester, a bit more than I care to pay on a regular basis. As a treat though, nothing comes close. There’s a bar menu that is also included on the regular menu, with dishes like sashimi tuna and avocado toast and calamari. Most dishes here would fall under a “new eclectic American” category, expect a heavy french influence. My compadre enjoyed a special bouillabaisse, heavy on the scallops, lobster, shrimp, mussels, clams and halibut in a saffron base. I also opted for a special, rack of lamb over spaetzle with shaved cauliflower and Brussel sprouts. Dessert was an apple tart, with an almond crust and cake.

There’s ample parking in the back, free after 6pm and Sundays. Music and other events happen in summer and fall, and makes for a fun date spot. Winston is great, but expect a pricier dinner and fairly priced drinks.


130 Main St, Mt Kisco, NY 10549

(914) 244-9780