When someone asks me where to eat locally, my go-to answer is always Stanziato’s. While there is plenty of love to go around for other local spots, no where quite has my heart like Stanzi’s does. Opened in 2009 in a small shopping strip, Stanziato’s was a surprise hit and has since expanded to a full bar and larger dining room by taking over the shop next door a few years ago. The vibes were set by original owner Matt Stanczak, now of Eggs Food Truck, to feel straight out of Williamsburg. Heavy on the hipster art, in-jokes, and farm-to-table pizzas, Stanziato’s is now considered the best restaurant in Danbury.

The recent changing of hands to new owner Mauro Tropeano has helped Stanziato’s grow. Now boasting a fuller bar with divine cocktails, and a fuller menu, you really cannot go wrong here. The crown jewel will always be the ever-rotating tap of genuine craft beers. None of that Goose Island b.s., but beers you may have never heard of and will actively seek out. What started as a few rare bottles from DeCicco’s in Brewster has bloomed into 12 taps that are constantly changing. The wine selection is great, and the cocktails are creative and expertly mixed.

I could easily gush about just about every item on the menu, I’ve tried it all in my years of patronage, but there are a select few that really stand out. The customer favorite Winter Salad is a great start, with romaine lettuce with red grapes, gorgonzola, golden delicious apples and spicy pecans finished with a maple balsamic vinaigrette. The wings are second to none, and like their pizzas, are wood fired. The hot sauce is citrusy, but packs a punch. Our last stop on the appetizer menu is the mussels. Every time I order these babies, I swear they are better than the last time. Simmered in a blend of herbs, fennel, garlic and white wine, and served with crusty bread. Well, there’s only one thing to say, and that is GOD DAMN.

Finally, the Neopolitan style, wood-fired pizza. Please. Try. Their. Pizza. You may love New York style pizza, but branch out a bit. There is no wrong pie, though my personal favorites include the Soppressata and the Wu Tang Clam. Each one has a springy, charred crust, is personal pie sized. Adding an egg to just about any pie will elevate the savoriness and make your eyes roll back into your head.

Honestly, if you’ve been putting off trying Danbury’s crown jewel, get your tuchus and get yourself a pie. You won’t be sorry.


35 Lake Ave Ext, Danbury, CT 06811

(203) 885-1057