The heavens opened up for all the weekend warriors this morning when Crown Point apartments commissioned Rice and Beans to post up and sling some delicious food. Owned and operated by Danbury native Jasson Arias, Rice and Beans can be found all over the state but is based out of Bethel. If you have a hankering for Chipotle’s burrito bowls but remember that their CEO is a jerk, support your local food truck! I was first introduced to them at the Eggz food truck, when Rice and Beans participated in a #eatjustice campaign, donating $1000 to the Hispanic Center of Danbury to feed 22 thanksgiving dinners to local, low-income families. Great food with a conscious? Yes, please!

The $5 base price includes the eponymous rice, either yellow, brown or green, and black beans. For the carnivores among us, you can add Bistek (slow cooked beef straight from heaven) or Pollo Guisado (stewed chicken). As any college student knows, the guac is extra but god damn is it worth it! Jason and the crew make some of the best guacamole and give you a heaping portion onto of your bowl, and finished with a whole tortilla chip. Sides of guac or pico de gallo and chips are available for those with a raging appetite.

Follow their Instagram and Facebook to find out where they will be posting up next, anywhere from Danbury to Stamford. Keep your eyes peeled for their sexy yellow trailer!

Rice and Beans

Fairfield County, Connecticut