The Katie Craves way to celebrate your birthday is to hunker down with amazing friends and fantastic, well-crafted cocktails on a farm in upstate New York. Add a few dogs to the mix and you have the best birthday party a gemini could ask for.

Enter Orange County Distillery at the Brown Barn Farms, or for the sake of my tendonitis, OCD. Located in New Hampton, New York just off of Rt. 17. A repurposed barn (unsurprisingly, a brown one), is surrounded by rolling hills and the region’s famous black dirt. All spirits are made on location and include various whiskeys, vodka and gin. Inside is a friendly and knowledgable staff, all experts in crafting cocktails to blow you out of the water. There is a solid menu of cocktail mainstays, all ranging from $10-$15. The two drinks that I oscillated between were the OCD, a delightful conception of bourbon, lemon rosemary simple syrup and dark maple syrup, garnished with rosemary. Then there was the Courkat. Not for the faint of heart. Vodka, muddle jalapeño, sparkling lemonade and a splash of lime could sear your tastebuds off if you decide to want to impress your friends by assuring the bartender that you would like it “hot.” Luckily for me, I can handle that heat and sipped on it happily in the shade. For those who are liquor-averse, there are a selection of locally brewed beers from Rushing Duck Brewery available as well.

The week’s specials menu is prominently displayed by the bar and always has a clever name and seasonal ingredients. For market price, you can order the “Bartender’s Choice”, where you tell your mixologist flavors that you like and they will craft something for you. There is a resident food truck on premise, The Bus, a repurposed short bus. The food is good and they will be glad to make your dog a burger as well. You are encouraged to bring your own food in addition to the food truck, especially if you are hosting a party in one of the barn’s rooms.

Dogs are allowed at OCD, but are restricted from the main tap room and the upstairs lounge. With ample outdoor seating and an open-air room, this is not a problem what so ever. I would call in advance, especially on a rainy day, to make sure that a party has not reserved the open air room. Pick your date and make the trip my friends, the siren’s call of cocktails beckons you.

Orange County Distillery at the Brown Barn Farms

286 Hampton Avenue

New Hampton, NY 10958