Ahh Little Pub. One of my all-time favorite spots, which I guess is why I’m writing about it now. Casually mentioned to me by a coworker a few years ago, I decided to check it out and have been hooked ever since. Little Pub has four locations in Fairfield County, the flagship in Ridgefield, a sister in Wilton 15 minutes down the road, one in Fairfield, and a new location in Greenwich. The Ridgefield location is my hangout, but expect largely the same food and experience at the other locations.

Little Pub truly lives up to its name. Constructed in an old home, it has the appearance of an old-timer pub in England, a point driven home by the British telephone booth outside the main door. The parking lot is small, but a handy valet service takes care of that in the evenings, so having a tip handy for those fellas is great. The inside is dimly lit and has a medieval vibe, with coats of arms and fireplace in the dining room. There is a year-round outdoor dining area, enclosed with heaters in the dead of winter and open air in the summer. Staffed by food service pros, expect knowledgable and kind service.

The menu is the same across all of the locations and I tend to describe it as “clever and creative bar food”. Which may not do it justice. I have never once been disappointed with something from Little Pub, though I do have fall back favorites. Their burgers are otherworldly. There are 12 house varieties, but the top 2 for me definitely are:

  • The Habanero Jack. Smothered with pickled jalapeños, bacon, pepper jack cheese and a habanero aioli
  • The Overeasy. Served with a fried egg, bacon, chipotle aioli and cheddar jack cheese

Never once have I finished a massive pub-style burger, but never once have I had a pub nail the nuances of flavor like Little Pub. If you are a burger aficionado, TREAT YO’ SELF. Vegetarians can find solace in LP’s badass black bean burger, and for the red-meat adverse, the turkey burger is the best around.

Aside from the dreamy burgers, expect a creative special menu, various other sandwiches and the solid “Favorites” menu. Highlights include Moo Shu Pork tacos and the Peking Duck tacos, twists on the Chinese takeout classics. For my first four visits, I refused to venture away from these tacos, they are that addicting.

Lastly, the beer menu is on point. The tap selection is very small, but the bottle menu is in-depth with a large variety. Sectioned off by type, and with beer advocate ratings. There are always rotating specials, and dark beer lovers will rejoice in late fall when Stout Fest takes over the menu.

Little Pub is super affordable and makes for a cool, relaxed date spot. If you’re a drinker, expect to pay about $50 for two hungry and thirsty people. Obviously, the less you drink, the less the bill.

Little Pub, Ridgefield

59 Ethan Allen Hwy, Ridgefield, CT 06877

(203) 544-9222