I am a glutton and my favorite hobby is dining out. There I admit it. Despite my penchant for dining out, I love to cook and spend most of my week doing just that. Anyone with a platinum palette and a weekly grocery budget can tell you fresh seafood is a treat. Buying sustainable, ethically caught, fresh seafood on a reasonable budget is almost unheard of.

Bring in Harbour Trading Company. Consider it the Blue Apron of fresh seafood. Except most meal delivery services will give you frozen shrimp, cod or maaaaaaaybe farmed salmon. Harbour Trading Company boasts an eclectic and seasonal menu including stone crab legs, halibut, lobster, yellow fin tuna, mahi-mahi and every fish your heart could desire.

Like a traditional meal delivery service, you pick from a weekly menu and select how many people you need to feed. Unlike the traditional service, Harbour is a la carte, no subscription necessary. In the package you receive, a gorgeous embossed cedar box, there is a card displaying the information of the fisherman that harvested your dinner as well as directions on how to prepare your selected meal.

I was lucky enough to speak with the President David Goldsmith and host a dinner party for 8 of the stone crab claws. The aforementioned box was stuffed with burlap bags of countless crab claws, mason jars of dijon mustard sauce, lemons, and hammers and kitchen cloths to bust open those bad boys. Stone crab claws are served chilled with the sauce and I complimented them with homemade coleslaw, roasted asparagus, and roasted red potatoes. We set up a newspaper covered table, and six of us went at it. Most of the menus Harbour serves are more meal-like with provided sides, but the stone crabs spoke to me and my five hungry guests.

Check out Harbour Trading Company’s website to view menus of the month. Most meals are $34.99 for one, $59.99 for two, $99.99 for 4 and $199.99 for 8. Treat yourself and expand your seafood horizons.

Harbour Trading Company