Do I love food trucks?

I especially love local food trucks in a great location that welcomes my furry companion, Dublin. The OG food truck of Danbury, the Green Grunion, is conveniently located in Kenosia Park off exit 2 most days. Occasionally, you can catch this delightful truck at private events or breweries around the state. Owner, operator, and chef Paul Mannion launched the truck in 2013 after spending some time in California admiring the San Diego-style burritos. Now, thanks to this genius, the west coast has arrived in Connecticut.

So, what the hell is a San Diego style burrito? Can’t I just go down to a fast casual burrito joint and get my grub on there? Um, no, you can’t. San Diego style differs from the Mission style, made famous by Chipotle, who stuffs their burritos in distinct layers of fillers. SD mixes all of that good stuff together and swaps out the filling rice for french fries. Do I have your attention yet? This will be the best burrito to grace your palette ever. The Grunion’s burritos are still big and filling, so bring your appetite.

My personal favorite is the classic Cali burrito, stuffed with grilled steak, pico de gallo, crema, guacamole and French fries. There are also two vegetarian, a slow cooked pork, chorizo, or chicken burrito. All come with the option of homemade mild, medium or hot sauce and homemade tortilla chips. Spiceheads like myself will go crazy for their hot sauce, a chunky blend of hot chilies, with a nuanced and full-bodied flavor. For those who are faint of heart, please, order the mild. I’ve had friends learn the hard way. BYOB is welcome, but be respectful of the families and kiddos playing soccer in the fields. On the wagon options include Mexican glass bottle Coke and bottled water. This is a cash-only operation so come prepared. Peep their facebook page for updates on hours and locations on where they are rollin’ and slingin’.

The Green Grunion

10 Christopher Columbus Ave

Danbury, CT 06810