Things got pretty sexy this Saturday morning, as they do when you stop at Eggz for breakfast.

Eggz is local legend Matt Stanczak’s latest brain child. Known as the former owner and creative force behind Danbury’s Stanziato’s, he has garnered a huge following waiting to gobble up whatever he serves next. Eggz is parked at the quiet Holbrook Farm in Bethel most days, but do not be surprised to see hungry and hungover patrons swarming the truck at 8am.

There’s a steady menu including my personal favorite, the sausage egg and cheese. Ok so what makes them any better than your corner greasy spoon? The ingredients and execution are premium. Local ingredients sourced from the farm who’s property you’re standing on. Homemade chicken chorizo sausage, soft brioche bread and “awesome sauce”. Eggz offers a daily rotation of inspired specials, think turkey ramen topped with a soft boiled egg.

Plus, furry friends are more than welcome! In fact, they’re encouraged with the offering of “pup cups”, scrambled eggs with brown rice.

I usually top off whatever I order with the ultra spicy Holbrook hot sauce. If you’re a spicehead, definitely swing inside and grab a bottle for $8.

Look to spend around $25 for two people and a hungry puppy. You’re welcome, by the way.