The Old Fashioned. A true classic, and a cocktail I hold very near to my heart. So snobbishly near, that my mother and I debated its true ingredients for a good half hour. After sampling the perfect specimen at Stanziato’s in Danbury, I set out to recreate it’s magic and found myself knee deep in the cocktail’s history. Apparently, other people take them as seriously as I do. I’m no mixologist and don’t have the decades of experience like my mother, but here is my true to history damn good version.

The Best Old Fashioned

  • 2.5oz (one jigger) Bourbon or Rye Whiskey, I use Bulleit Bourbon
  • 5 dashes Bitter Truth orange bitters
  • 4 dashes Bitter Truth Angosora bitters
  • A few dashes of brown sugar simple syrup, to taste
  • A few dashes of cool water, to taste
  • Peel of orange to garnish
  • One extra large ice cube
  1. In an Old Fashioned glass (how novel!), stir the bitters and the simple syrup.
  2. Stir in 1oz of the whiskey with the bitters mix.
  3. Add the ice cube and add the rest of the whiskey.
  4. Top with water.
  5. Peel a strip of the orange peel over the glass, it is important for the essential oils of the fruit to be in the drink. Stir.

Enjoy! Don’t add cherries, don’t muddle fruit. Don’t add granulated sugar instead of simple syrup, it will never dissolve in the alcohol and you’ll be drinking boozy sand. Now you can truly fancy yourself a Don Draper.